Latest Update 1st August 2020

We are now running boat trips from Alum Bay with both the Slow Cruises, and Yellow Jet Boats

In addition the ferry route between Yarmouth and Alum Bay will also be running.



In line with Government legislation, we have had to introduce a number of measures to keep us all safe whilst you enjoy your cruises out to The Needles Lighthouse.


Pre Arrival

We would ask that if you have any symptoms that in any way relate to those of COVID 19, you refrain from travelling to us. Anyone displaying obvious signs will be refused boarding.


Access to the beach at Alum Bay / Boat departure point

Broadly speaking, this hasn’t changed and further information can be found at this link

The stairs to the beach are maintained by the local council, and at the time of writing are open to the public.

The chairlift is owned and operated by The Needles Landmark Attraction and also understood to be operational from the 4th July.



There is no requirement to book, other than for group sizes greater than 20 for which you’ll either need to phone or email with a minimum of 24hrs notice.


Social Distancing

To comply with social distancing requirements, the capacity of the boats will be significantly reduced, so there maybe times when you’ll have wait / queue on the beach.


Disinfecting / Hygiene

In line with government advice for travelling on ferries, we would encourage the use of face masks, particularly when boarding / disembarking to protect other passengers and our staff, unless of course you are exempt.

The boats will be washed down / cleaned / disinfected before the start of each day

At the end of each trip, all touch points to include handrails and seating from the pier to the boats will be sprayed with disinfectant

Hand sanitiser dispensers will be positioned at each end of the pier, for all passengers to use when arriving and leaving.

All staff will be wearing appropriate PPE (which may include a face mask, disposable gloves and hand sanitiser), to be able to safely interact with passengers to assist boarding / disembarking and to take payment during the trip.



We don’t have the facility for prepayment.

We do however have the facility for contactless card payments up to £45, and would ask where possible that you use this facility once onboard the boats so that we can keep cash transactions to a minimum.



We hope these measures will provide you with the confidence to visit us and enjoy the cruises we offer. If you have any suggestions, concerns, or questions then please email us at